Traditional Fifty-Two Regular Pet Caskets

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Fifty-Two Regular Pet Casket
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Fifty-Two Regular Style

Dimension Key
I.D.= Approx. Inside Dimensions
O.D.= Approx. Outside Dimensions

I.D.: 52 x 22 x 15
O.D.: 56 x 26 x 17


The Fifty-Two pet casket is available in the regular style only and is a single wall unit. It has been vacuum formed from a quarter inch thickness of high impact styrene. The exterior is almond colored and the interior consists of a pad and pillow covered with a rose-tan crepe material trimmed in a ginger colored lace. The pillow is enhanced with a floral appliqué.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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Traditional Fifty-Two Regular Pet Casket